Vietnam 2012 3

Minutes of the Vietnam Project Meeting

Documented by Yuki, Takehisa

Vietnam Project Meeting (February 2, 2012)
Attendees: Takehisa、Kawahara、Kato、Sun
Materials: Skype teleconference

Kato proposed Electronicity


・Review the previous discussion
・After the water quality test, decide the direction of water project (do or not)
・Decide which water inspection kit to be chosen considering the price
・Aquatest is not available (still under testing at university)
・MERCK co provided water test, its13000 yen, can be bought online, can test around 100 times.
・There is enough information of arsenic pollution
・We need to know symptoms from arsenic pollution.
・Conducting interview is better than buying a inspection kit for water.
・Inspection kit for well costs 1300 yen, but it can be used only once,
・There is enough information of measurement items on website.


・Before we buy water inspection test, we need to decide where we should conduct the test. (Well, tap water, and etc.) After finding where should be measured, we can decide how many kits should be purchased.


・Conduct interviews on other people in Namdin and conduct water quality test.
・still looking for the water quality test kit (As far as he knows, it’s a little bit expensive)
・Making a questionnaire (As for water)


Why do you turn your attention to water quality?


・We can’t say there is no problem regarding the quality of water because we haven’t investigated about water carefully through field survey. We just can get brief information from Taka right at this moment.

Sun Proposed Osake

・The important point of making osake is rice, water, and yeast(Japanese, Korean).
・Osake takes 3 month to complete, maccori takes 2 weeks.(It depends of the type of alcohol.)
・Investigate quality of rice and water in Namdin.(because these factors are so important)
・After knowing the process of making, we are going to make the prototype in JPN and also Namdin.


・Need to check whether there is internet connection or not.

Takehisa proposed law regarding to importing Osake

・There are a lot of laws regarding to Osake. (it is complex, but we could understand)
・Alcohol tax is quite high, it charges 400 yen for importing.

Nest Step

・Making the Scheduling of field trip
・Making the process of prototype of Osake
・Buying the water quality kit
・Investigating more (Solar bags, Pod for reserving food)

The next meeting schedule


- END of meeting minutes