Vietnam 2012 2

Minutes of the Vietnam Project Meeting

Documented by Yuki, Takehisa

Vietnam Project Meeting (January 28, 2012)
Attendees: Takehisa、Kawahara、Kato、Sun
Materials: Skype teleconference

Discussion Summary

* Reviewed about:

* There is tap water, and also bibcock. They use water from only one tap water.
* If they boil the water, they can use it.
* If they don’t boil the water, they may not drink.
* We need to identify the water quality.

* A example of purifying the water in overseas

* Water quality survey kit

* There are some quality survey kit we could buy on website. Each kit has different ability to measure water quality and also prices. Good one is really expensive.
* To know the water quality (drinkable or not)
* We are looking for cheaper one.
* Some article say that there is arsenic pollution.
* There is a kit of bacteria water borne disease.
* There is one good test kit , aquatest is focused on developing country.
* We are going to conduct interviews to other people in village to get sample.

* Comments from Takehisa

* According to all the interview, the dependency rate on farming is most biggest problem.
* One of the ideas to solve this, we could make sake from rice and sell this in other developed countries.
* This idea is come from mother house that was successful social company.
* In Vietnam, beer consumption is high 1.6 billion l. The price of one beer is around 30 yen.
* This kind of products could be fair trade product.

* Comments from Kawahara

* As for electric power condition, the main part is water generation.
* To solve the lack of electric supply, we could use generator by gas.
* At all, we need to clear what they face difficulty without electricity.
* We also look for the solution without electricity (non- electric product)

Works to be Done

・Each sector investigate more .

・Decide the schedule of field trip by DENSUKE.

・Looking for the competition to run the project.

The next meeting schedule

February 2, 2012 Thursday

- END of meeting minutes