Vietnam 2012 1

Minutes of the Vietnam Project Meeting

Documented by Yuki, Takehisa

Kato's Reporting field survey (January 20, 2012)
Attendees: Takehisa、Kawahara、Kato、Chu
Materials: Skype teleconference
**Objective: To discuss the next step considering the report made by Kato and Takehisa

Discussion Summary

* Taka 1:

1. There is low flowability between agriculture and industry. The people in rural area is usually highly depend on agriculture, they also have problem consciousness.

2.Instability of electricity supply In summer season, electricity supply is decreased because rainfall decrease. (Vietnam depend on water generation)
1 There is tap water, and also bibcock. They use water from only one tap water.
2 If they boil the water, they can use it.
* If they don’t boil the water, they may not drink.
* We need to identify the water quality.

* Chu:

The factory consume a lot of the electricity, the government don’t want to stop working factory. That is why they don’t send electricity to rural area. Thus, blackout is mundanely happened.
In summer, they cant use it almost every day.
The rich buy the big electric accumulator (200X400X200). They store the electricity. They can use on only night time because factory don’t work on night time.
Water supply come from well. Local people cant drink without boiling.
I assume that water supply itself is contaminated.
※water has problem, next time we bring kit to test water quality.

* A example of purifying the water in overseas

* Water quality survey kit

There are some quality survey kit we could buy on website. Each kit has different ability to measure water quality and also prices. Good one is really expensive.
To know the water quality (drinkable or not)
We are looking for cheaper one.
Some article say that there is arsenic pollution.
There is a kit of bacteria water borne disease.
There is one good test kit , aquatest is focused on developing country.
We are going to conduct interviews to other people in village to get sample.

* Taka2:

1.Agricultural production is hit the ceiling. As for irrigation, they get water from near river.
Some people use the machine, Agriculture association sells the machine. Introducing the machine is not always leading to profit.

* Chu:

Local people pay money to agriculture association for cultivating .

* Taka3:

1.It there heating appliance? There is basically no.

* Chu:

all the men has cellphone. Vietnamese don’t have team networks. Heating appliance is needed, but not necessary. From 11 to 1,2, it is cold. The sensory temperature is different from japan.

* Taka:Feasible Project

1.Selling the Vietnam cap

* Chu:

This is usually made in northern part.

* Kawahara:

do they make other things by using same material? For example, basket.

* Chu:

Basket is made in other area.
Middle part is more low income than namdin.
Ethnic minority is also poverty.

* Taka4:Next field survey

There are some problems as follows.
Language difference
difficulty to access the hotel and namdin
Credibility of informaiton

* Takehisa:

1.Approach like social entrepreneur
introducing the business model which have already been successful to Vietnam.
See if it work well in local community. Work the business mode by only local people.
Good example: Mongol project by Fujimura

2.Approach of Induction
From the information through field survey, we make the problem of assumption and indentify the primary cause.

3. Suggestion for next step
We are going into 4 sectors.
Water, electricity, agriculture, new industry

* Taka:

Manufacturing is increasing. Why don’t they work for there? There are some reasons of this.

* CHU:

the men usually work for manufacturing company. Women and old man work for agriculture.
They make a vitetnam cap when they don’t work for agriculture.
They cant live on only agriculture.

The next meeting schedule

January 28, 2012 Saturday

- END of meeting minutes