Sop F



(put into effect on 9th June 2010)

1. Purpose

This is the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) on Finance. The document intends to secure the smooth and effective decision making on budget compilation of the organization and practical banking transactions in accordance to departmental or individual claims.

2. Scope

The SOP is effective for all the transactions related to financing among official members of the organization.

3. Procedure

<Budget Compilation Procedure>

(1) Department Budget Request
Estimated budget proposal shall be submitted by each department directors at the first directors meeting.

(2) Budget Plan
The requests shall be discussed by directors and make up budget plan for the semester.

(3) Decision making of Budget compilation
Budget plan shall be approved or revised on the first general meeting of the semester. Budget share can be changed on need during the semester given the approval from Board of Directors.

<Advance Request procedure>

(1)Conditions for Advance Request
Once the budget compilation has decided, department director can request advance payment with specific expecting usage in accordance to budget of the department.

In principle, advance payment request shall be done by department directors. Substitution can be allowed on request by Department Director for Finance.

(2) Document format
Claimer should fill in Advance Request Format (see Appendix.1) and submit it to Department Director for Finance.

Department Director for Finance have an authority to or not to accept the request. If the request is in accordance to the budget compilation, the request shall be automatically approved. If not, Department Director for Finance shall consult on Vice president for Finance.

The amount of advance request shall be paid to requester within a week from the acceptance of the request by Department of Finance.

<Reimbursement Procedure>

In principle, reimbursement claim shall be done by department directors on monthly basis. Substitution can be allowed on request by Department Director for Finance.

(2)Document format
Claimer should fill in Reimbursement Claim Format (see Appendix.2) and submit it to Department Director for Finance with original money receipts or the scanned copy of the receipt (or credit card transaction record) in case of international purchases.

Reimbursement claim shall be submitted to Department Director for Finance by at least one month from the actual payment (cash: payment date, credit card: deduction date). Late claim is approved on request by Department Director for Finance.

Reimbursement shall be done at the beginning of each month by department on finance.

<Currency Conversion>

In principle, cost is reimbursed / requested in JPY. As such, every document format must include JPY column with supplemental currency one.

If the cost is paid by credit card and deducted by another currency(XXX), the rate of
the day of deduction (XXX - JPY) is applied for the amount for actual reimbursement.

(3)Budget request (Money transfer)
If the budget is requested in other currency (ex. NRP), the advance payment shall be done by the rate of the transfer day(ex. NPR - JPY, NPR-EUR). The actual expenses in local currency must be reported on later day.

4. Responsibilities

(1)Vice-President on Finance has an authority to revise this SOP on need from members and CORE officers shall approve the revision.

(2)Department Directors is responsible for submission of budget request for each semester, advance payment claim and monthly reimbursement claim of the department. Department Directors have to monitor the money usage within the department and have to take necessary action to wrong usage if any with the report to CORE officers.


Kazutoshi MACHIDA
Vice-President on Finance,
International Development Association-Tokyo Tech