Skype 2011 2

Skype Meeting Minutes


Date: July 19, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 10 PM (JST) , 6:45 PM (NST)
Nepal Team – Shristi
Japan Team- Priza, William, Batari, Kazu, (Yuki: Observer)
1) Japan team updates (prototype testing)
2) Discuss about the prototype shipping method and details
3) Suggestions and advice for Kazu's Nepal visit
4) Storage pit constuction updates (Nepal team)
5) Room availability in Pulchowk campus
6) Team members detail from Nepal team
7) Budget Management
8) Tasks
9) Next Meeting


1) Japan team updates (prototype testing)

• Prototype has now 4.2℃ cooling capacity
• Potential improvement is not that big
• Let Ben check the system performance before sending it to Nepal

2) Discuss about the prototype shipping method and details

1. Cost Estimation of Transportation
1) Fedex: 208,351 yen 7/22→7/26   Priority Shipping Only, No Wooden Box
2) TNT: 125,000??
3) OCS (ANA): now asking

• Use Fedex unless OCS give us an offer with good price

2. Packing (by 21th July, Thu)
• Get strengthened cardboard box for humidifier (now asking tri-wall the price ) and FEDEX cardboard box for other four parts
• Heater could be rebuild in Nepal (since it is simple product and cost just 3,000 JPY; transportation cost and transformer can outweigh the local procurement) but we still send due to troublesome in making again the one that fits to prototype
• Duct hose is bulky. Current plan is to pack some in the room of cardboard box and to put others in Kazu’s suitcase

3. Shipping (by 22th July, Fri)
• Target date of the arrival is 8th August at the latest

3) Suggestions and advice for Kazu's Nepal visit

  • Kazu will work on reassembling the prototype with Deepak o the campus
  • Deepak is helping Kazu’s visit to Sudal village
  • Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) (Shristi’s current organization) has renewable energy division and there is JICA senior volunteer in Solar power. Kazu will write draft proposal letter about volunteering opportunity.

4) Storage pit construction updates (Nepal team)

• Nepal team has not started construction process

5) Room availability in Pulchowk campus

• Seek some room is the fist step.
• Alternatively, we will setup temporal shelter outside the building.
• Aim 4m (L) x 2m(W) x 1m (H, depth) size and middle term performance monitoring is needed in order to assess the deterioration rate of each parts.

6) Team members detail from Nepal team

• Yet to contact Deepak and Girish but they are teaching at the Pulchowk campus
• Try to attract new students

7) Budget Management

• Tentative transport plan (Fedex: 208,351 yen + packaging cost) is acceptable
• Nepal team can pay for the construction on the campus with the current balance there
• The money that Nepal team has now should be spent wisely for the project so we need to think of other options

8) Tasks

Japan Team:
• Sending Prototype
After the transfer

  • Technical advice for the adjustment of scale up and change in surrounding environment
  • Cost reduction for the next system
  • Publishing

Nepal Team:

  • Send address and contact info of Deepak
  • Prototype Transfer
  • Seek local procurement

• Real-time thermometer and hygrometer ×3 each
• Carbon Heater
• Duct Hose (Heat resistant and flexible one)
• Transformer (Down-Trans: Nepal Electricity Supply 220V→110V Japanese Product)

  • Site Development

• Authorization of the usage of the land from university
• Contract with construction company
• Engineering (4m x 2m)
• Long-term Monitoring of the performance

9) Next Skype Meeting

Date: July 26, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 10 PM (JST) , 6:45 PM (NST)