Skype Meeting 2011-1

Minutes of Skype Meeitng 20110430

Date:30 April 2011 22:30 - 23:15 (Japan Time; GMT+9)

  • Japan Team: Batari, Priza, Kazu(Machida)and Kei(Kanzawa)
  • Nepal Team: Shristi and ???

Basic updates

  • Nepal team is pending the launch of construction because extra weeks during the construction will cost more
  • Shristi is going to leave Nepal in August and want to finish the construction if possible
  • Japan team will try to finish prototype testing and ship it to Nepal by end of May (optimistic schedule)

Suggeston from Nepal team:

  • construct the prototype in campus instead of Sudal village
  • Advantage: cheaper construction cost and potential activation of old/new members
  • disadvantage: possible difference on surrounding environment (tempreture, humidity)

To do list by next skype meeting

  • Japan team
    • provide details of completed version of prototype (weight, size, # of parts when disassembled etc.) with picture
    • estimate the shipping cost and time including custom and flight price for Bhuda
    • check availability of making copy of prototype with the budget (630,000JPY for now in Japan team's bank account)
  • Nepal Team
    • seek permission of prototype construction in campus from university
    • check difference of surrounding environment (tempreture, humidity) between Sudal village and campus
    • estimate the construction cost
    • address at which the prototype can be received

Next meeting

  • tentative schedule is 7th May (Saturday)
  • Nepal team send us confirmation email depending on their updates of permission from university etc.