Skype 2010 1

Skype Meeting between Nepal & Japan team
Members: Shristi, Kazu, Priza, Moinul
Date: 2nd May 2010, Sunday
Time: 7pm (NST) /10pm (JST)

1. Second money transfer to Nepal team:

a. Plan 2 was agreed upon by the members for sending half for MEA after deducting necessary amount required by the Japan team.
b. The details of the amount will be sent by Kazu
c. Probable date for transaction: 6th May
d. Probable date of reception of money in Nepal: 12th May (last time it took 6 days for money to arrive in Nepal, including the weekends)

2. Domains for each club:

a. Japan team already has a domain name for their club (
b. Nepal team needs to send the domain name for their club.
c. There are limited usernames for ictchannel. So, new members will be provided user names (email id) in the new domain.
d. Nepal team will be handling their domain themselves after the google apps is set up by Moinul.

3. New members into Nepal team:

a. More members to be included from various fields
b. Difficulty in getting dedicated members.
c. Ways for including members were discussed:
i. showing the benefits of international collaboration
ii. distinguishing members according to work and dividing responsibilities
iii. Influential presentations/meetings
d. collaborating with other MEA project teams (HPR Nepal for example)

4. Construction of storage pit:

a. some details regarding construction were discussed: bamboos, sand, plastic sheets, straw etc
b. need for bamboo treatment?? — not sure (need to confirm from bamboo contractor)
c. Nepal team will construct the pit (excluding the piping system), then members of Japan team will be joining in Nepal for further work
d. 2 members from Japan team are planning to visit Nepal (plus other members related to Prof Abe)
e. Due to ongoing political instability in Nepal, the work will be delayed. Nepal team will send the tentative schedule of work completion.
f. computers for ict center to be carried by the visiting members ???????

5. More members from Nepal team must join the skype meeting in turns. IDA heads should join the meeting on will in turns.