Meeting 2011/05/20

Prototype Team Meeting


Date: May 20, 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Venue: Shokudo and IDA room
Participants: William, Alvin, Ben, Mutaz, Thomas, Priza

Prototype completion update:

- 95% work has been completed in prototype building.
- Need to buy transformer as heat exchanger rotor is not working (output voltage in Nepal is 230V, but in Japan it’s 110V)
- Target to complete prototype building by the end of May (optimistic schedule)
- Key people in-charge: William, Alvin, Ben, Chandra, Raffles, Mutaz

Prototype testing:

- Testing of prototype will start from first week of June.
- Observation and modifications if necessary will be done in the month of June.
- Key people in-charge: Ben, Chandra, Raffles, Mutaz, Alvin (if time permits).
- Website of IDA will be updated regularly with pictures of prototype. Nepal team can get the information from there. (in-charge of web-site: Alvin, Mutaz)

Shipping time and cost:

- Priza and Kazu will find out the details about shipping cost and time required for delivery.
- The target to send the prototype from Japan is early July.

Representative from Japan side:

- It has been decided that Japan team will not send a member to Nepal with the prototype. Instead, the steps about how to install and use the prototype will be send.
- However, if necessary a member from Japan team will be send to Nepal during the prototype installation in Sudal village (maybe around November).

Communication with Nepal team:

- William, Batari and Priza will be in contact with Nepal team via e-mail for updates.
- We plan to have Skype meeting fortnightly or once in 3 weeks. However, if necessary can have in short interval too.

Expectation from Nepal team:

- Encourage junior students to join the project. Provide details of new members to Japan team, it is necessary for future communication.
- Cost estimation of storage construction and prototype installation in Campus and in Sudal village.