Promo 2

Promotions Meeting Minutes

Prepared by: Kazutoshi Machida, VP Finance 2G


Venue: Computer room, 3F, Ishikawadai 3rd Build., Tokyo Institute of Technology

Date:March 28, 2012
Time: 17:15- 19:00

Agenda: Website transition


Name Position
Machida, Kazutoshi VP Finance 2G
Fukao, Shotaro Project Management/Website Manager
Kanzawa, Kei Project Management/Website Design

A. Progress

a. Loosely understood how to make backup of old website powered by Drupal
Isa provided us the way to access the database in and we could download the latest backup of the old website via ffftp.

b. Shared the current state of new website powered by Homepage Builder (Japanese software)
Although the contents of new website have not fully developed, Fukao has almost acquired the way to design the website in detail (not using template ones). He will be able to finish simple version of new website by 1st Aril.

c. Applied to new domain and hosting via Japanese hosting service provider
Fukao applied new domain ( and hosting service by a Japanese company, SAKURA Internet, for new website. Annual cost of domain is 1,800 yen and hosting service costs 1,500 yen/month (Premium plan). We kept hosting service monthly contract so that we can change the plan easily according to our needs. The new domain is available now, while the hosting needs several days to start using the service.

d. Discussed transition process
We prioritized the schedule for freshman orientation and decided to keep old website up as temporal English version while (at least until October 2012, when the annual sever contract will expire) starting Japanese version of new website for a whole new contract with the Japanese hosting company. Since our target in the coming orientation period is Japanese undergraduates, Japanese website ( will be publicized intensively through posters and flyers. The contents will be limited to important information regarding orientation and the remaining contents is going to be developed later (yet developed pages are shown as under construction for now). Isa provided us how to download the contents of old website as xml file by phpmyadmin (mysql database) but we are not for sure how we can make use of this data for the contents in new website.

B. Tasks

  • Fukao will take care of Japanese new website including the contract of hosting service etc.
  • Kei will maintain old website as temporal English website
  • Fukao and Kei will consult Ishio and Take on how to collect the cost of website (maybe through annual membership fee of IDA) as well as other agenda on financial management
  • Kazu will try to change the name of accounts of Shinsei bank from personal name to organizational one