Potential Contests List

as of 24th June 2011

No. Competition Registration Deadline Event Dates Info Prize
1 NewScientist Engineering Milestone March 1st 2011 - So what is The Next Big Thing for engineers? Will they build scrubbers to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, create a medical tricorder or harness fusion, the sun's power source? New Scientist and Statoil want to know what you think. In no more that 100 words tell us which engineering project you think will have the greatest impact on human life in the next 30 years, and why? You might know of a project already, or have your own idea for a realistic project that should be started. The judges will be looking for ingenuity in both the choice of project and the justification. New Scientist, Statoil and the Royal Academy of Engineering will decide the five best projects and the entry that makes the best case for each one. We will then ask New Scientist readers to vote for which project they think is the best. The prize is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for two people: a four-day trip that will take you to the high Arctic and the deep sea.
2 The World Challenge - BBC and Newsweek No timeline for 2011 yet. In 2010, the nomination stage held in March - June 2010 - World Challenge is a global competition aimed at finding projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grassroots level. The winner of the World Challenge 2010 will receive a grant of US$20,000. The second and third Finalist will each receive a grant US$10,000. The grants are awarded to projects/small businesses for their own use and furtherance of their enterprise only.
3 Airbus Fly Your Ideas In 2010, registration starts from July - Airbus Fly Your Ideas is a contest that challenges students worldwide to develop new ideas to deliver a greener aviation industry. It’s not just about engineering; students are encouraged to think about the overall Environmental Life-Cycle - from design, supply chain and manufacturing to aircraft operation and product end-of-life. First Prize € 30,000 plus a VIP trip to Airbus, Second Prize € 15,000
4 Graduate Student Business Plan Competition - LES Foundation Register by February 18, 2011 and submit your business plan by March 4, 2011 - Examine the untapped potential of your business plan and maximize your success by learning how to leverage IP assets through the LES Foundation Competition. Entrants must submit a comprehensive business plan that includes an overview of its IP assets and how these IP assets will be commercialized to achieve business goals. They will have the opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship from LES members in their industry sector. Five finalist teams (up to 2 individuals per team) receive an all-expenses-paid trip to London, England to compete in the Final Round and attend the 2011 LES International Annual Conference for educational sessions and networking with global IP leaders, Win cash and in-kind prizes, including $10,000 for the Grand Prize and $5,000 for the LESI Global Award
5 International Holcim Award Entries must be submitted online by March 23, 2011. Europe – September 15, 2011; North America – October 20, 2011; Latin America – October 6, 2011; Asia Pacific – November 24, 2011 The Holcim Awards is an international competition of the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. The competition celebrates innovative, future-oriented and tangible sustainable construction projects and visions from around the globe. The Holcim Awards (main) category of the competition is open to architects, planners, engineers, project owners, builders and construction firms that showcase sustainable responses to technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues affective contemporary building and construction. Projects are eligible for the competition if they have reached an advanced stage of design and construction (or commercial production in the case of materials, products and construction technologies) had not started before competition  Prize money of USD 2 million per three-year competition cycle.
6 NYC Next Idea In 2010, deadline registration & submission October - Sponsored by New York City Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Columbia University, this contest can put you at the forefront of the City's latest business breakthroughs Free week-long trip to New York City in April 2011 for three finalist teams from both tracks, including airfare, boarding, and lodging. Cash prize $20,000 for graduate track winner, $15,000 for undergraduate track winner
7 See-D innovation challenge  Dec. 18 2010 to Jan. 30 2011 May 22 2011 See-D contest aspires to fill the gap between those who need the products (80% of people living in developing world) and those who can offer technologies (Japanese engineers and designers). By creating an online interactive platform, we enable engineers with the technical knowledge and users with the local knowledge to work together to develop transformative and appropriate products. (Specific Details to be announced at the launch of the 2nd phase of this initiative: See-D Design Competition in October, 2010). The theme for 2010 is product development for villages without access to electricity. Among the 9 ideas, the most promising has selected to proceed to the phase 3, where would work on the implementation of their ideas in the targeted community (East Timor and other countries).After understanding the needs of the winning team, the See-D incubation team will spend one year support the business idea realization.
8 IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition January 31st 2011 - Project on humanity. The winners shall be selected based on the results achieved and their impact on humanity, or, on a community. Sustainability, reusability, transportability of the results to other parts of the world, entrepreneurship, originality, creativity and leadership shall be important but secondary evaluation factors. Individuals or team members must be IEEE student members at the time their entry is submitted IEEE Student Humanitarian Supreme US$10,000, IEEE Distinguished Student Humanitarian US$5,000, IEEE Exceptional Student Humanitarian US$2,500, Up to five Outstanding Student Humanitarian prizes US$1,000
9 Dell Social innovation competition February 14th 2011 - The University of Texas at Austin and Dell are looking for university students around the world with innovative ideas to solve a social or environmental problem. Sectors of the ideas vary; Poverty Alleviation/Economic Development, Human Rights, Peace&Security, Digital Inclusion, Global Health/AIDS, Education, Energy/Environment/Climate Change, Child/Youth Development, Volnteerism, Food/Portable Water, Microfinance, Drugs/Crime, Elections/Government more than $100,000 in cash prizes to at least five winning teams who will be flown to Austin, Texas for an expense-paid Finalist Week-End that culminates in a final pitch and awards ceremony
10 Ecomagination Power your Home March 15, 2011 - Powering Your Home was Phase II of the GE ecomagination Challenge, a $200 million innovation experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students shared their best ideas on how to improve our energy future. Phase II of the ecomagination Challenge focused on home energy with an open invitation for innovative ideas about capturing, managing, and using energy in the home. Challenge 1: Create - Renewable Energy; Challenge 2: Connect - Grid Efficiency; Challenge 3: Use - EcoHomes/EcoBuildings The entry receiving the most user-submitted votes, will receive, subject to GE’s review for appropriate content, a cash award of $50,000. GE will present each of five innovation challenge award recipients with $100,000 in cash, for a total of $500,000, to acknowledge these entries as examples of outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation.
11 The Inter Asia Business Competition ( i-ABC ) 26 June, 2011 August 23- 29, 2011 Outline ■ Produced by RECRUIT CO.,LTD. in JAPAN ■Asia's Top Talents Meet in Tokyo: 50 selected students from Asia's top universities break up into 10 teams and participate in a 7-days business case competition in Tokyo. *All participants communicate in English. ■The 10 Hottest Companies in Japan: Global Headquarters of 10 prestigious and fastest-growing Japanese companies attend to give business cases. The prospective companies are global car companies, global electric companies, aerospace engineering companies, and other famous companies. ■It's all FREE: This is a great resume building opportunity that will not cost you a penny! For selected students, we cover all expenses including flight, transportation, accommodation, dining, and insurance. * Exclusive of personal expenses 500,000JPY in Prizes Winning teams receive following cash prizes.[1st Place] 300,000JPY [2nd Place] 150,000JPY [3rd Place] 50,000JPY
12 SEED Awards (UNEP-WCMC) 22nd August 2011 - Do you have an entrepreneurial and innovative idea that is locally-driven and has great potential to contribute to sustainable development in countries with developing or transition economies? Does your initiative also advance gender equality and/or women’s empowerment within your initiative or in the community? ■assistance and advice on developing and improving the initiative’s business plan ■two-day in-country business-oriented workshop, involving all partners, and covering the key elements and factors needed to build a successful social and environmental enterprise high-level profiling of the initiative nationally, regionally and internationally ■access to relevant institutions, organisations, businesses, including SEED winners and alumni, SEED Partners, SEED Supporters, and SEED Associates ■developing a support plan ■a financial contribution of USD5000 towards implementation of certain item(s) in that support plan, as agreed between the winner and SEED.
13 Imagine cup (Microsoft) ? 13th July 2011 Create an entry in the Competition of your choice that is inspired by the Imagine Cup 2012 Theme: "Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems." a three-year, $3 million competitive grant program to help recipients realize their vision of solving the world’s toughest problems.
14 James Dyson Award 5 Apr. 2011 to 2 Aug. 2011 - The James Dyson Award is an international student design award running in 18 countries. It’s run by the James Dyson Foundation, James Dyson’s charitable trust, as part of its mission to encourage the next generation of design engineers to be creative, challenge and invent. THE BRIEF:"Design something that solves a problem" ■International Winner:- £10,000 the student or student team (of up to four members) - £10,000 for their university department ■Two International Runners-up:- £2,000 each ■National Winners:- £1,000 each

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