Paper 3

Meeting for Academic Paper

Please bring the homework: the reference/literature/paper that can support our paper. Related to (but not limited to):
- international development project
- social project
- student-led organization

Meeting for Academic Paper

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Prepared by Ms. Batari Saraswati


Venue: B09, Ishikawadai Building 4
Date: December 14th 2011
Time Started: 7 PM
Time Finished: PM

  • E-mail summary prepared by Batari

Attendance:(Expected)Kazu, Ben, Yuki, Ishio, Alvin, Chandra, Anita

Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Hong, William Former President
Saraswati, Batari Project Leader/Previous Head of Internal Affairs
Allan, Ben Previous Head for External Affairs
Odchimar, Anita II IDA Member


Thank you very much for attending our meeting today.
We had a very fruitful discussion about our paper based on several useful references.

References that we read as following:
- The 'real' success factor in project (Cooke-Dives 2002)
- ‘Design Beyond Borders’ international collaborative projects as a mechanism to integrate socialsustainability into student (McMahon and Bhamra 2011)
- Promise of sustainability collaboration—potential fulfilled? (Zinaida Fadeeva, 2004)
- La Ceiba Micro Finance
- UK guidelines for student-led organization, some development journals from Ann.

Based on those references and some discussion, we got several ideas on how our paper should be written (angles, main topics).

(1) Educational
Focus on the students: benefits, how students interact, problems.
Following paper reviewed by William (McMahon and Bhamra 2011)

(2) Organization/Project Management (Focus on Student-led organization)
Started with IDA as an organization (its structure, function), followed by IDA's projects (teams, budget, other details)
Could also cover part about: Measuring success in student-led organization/projects.

(3) Organization/Project Management (Comparing student-led vs. Corporate approach)
Similar with (2) but also highlight the differences between general/corporate project and student-led project

(4) Case study approach
Benefit and cost analysis specific for IDA projects

To strengthen each idea, we agree to further explore it one by one. We are going to make (very) short paper for each idea, and present it in the next meeting.
Ben is responsible for idea no (1), William no (2), Batari no (3) and Ishio no (4).

There are also several things that we agree not to do (or… we try to avoid):
- Writing a paper based on technical aspects of the Mondialogo project
- Writing a paper that have a mixed unclear angles (example: both from technology and organization point of view)

Ben, thanks for attaching your presentation and reference. Sorry it didn't work earlier.
Alvin, so sorry we didn't have time to go through your reference. I hope you can present it in our next meeting.

Next Meeting

Date: January 25, 2012
Venue: Ishikawadai 4 Room B08-B09
Attendance request: