General Assembly 2012 7

Core Meeting

Documented by Varquez, Alvin Christopher Galang


Venue:Ishikawadai4, B08
Time Started: 5:00 PM
Time Finished: 6:00 PM

  • International Events
  • Meetings
  • Event Schedule
  • New project
  • Review of IDA Philosophy
  • Boot Camp Output
  • Meeting and Discussion Schedule
  • Design study of the Gakubu-sei


Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Takehisa, Yuhki VP Finance
Varquez, Alvin Christopher VP Documentations
Kawahara, Yuuki Vietnam
Kato, Taka Vietnam
Fukao, Shotaro
Kato, Tomoaki
Davvajargal, Tuguldur
Matsukawa, Tochihiro
Yamada, Shinji
Kurobe, Shouta
Choi, Suukyung
Kawai, Kota

1. International Events

i. The main objective is to have as many international student participants as possible.

a. On November 17 or 24, 2012.

2. Meeting Schedule

i. Meeting with Professor Watanabe, Shibara Institute of Technology

a. Meeting will be held on November 26, 2012, 4PM.

b. Main purpose is to know about the monotsukuri workshop.

c. Create a BOP Business with Tohoku University Students.

ii. Meeting on November 8

a. The vice-president from Shibara Institute of Technology named Prof. Okabe Satoshi, Alumnus of Tokyo Tech wants to meet with the Tokyo Tech IDA members.

b. Prof. Okabe and 7 master students conducted a 7-month grade project in North Korea.

3. Event Schedule

i. Shingo Hashimoto is planning to hold a Christmas party.

ii. It is not an ordinary party.

iii. Still one member for his party.

iv. The target date is December 22, 2012, Saturday.

v. We will be Ria-juu next year.

4. New project

i. Mr. Kuramata introduced this site for a sustainable community.

ii. search for Ojima furusato in google map.

iii. Mr. Ishio will go there on November 2 to check if IDA campus project will be launched.

5. Review of IDA Basic Philosophy

i. We have to understand our status as IDA.

ii. Our status in Japan is based from the non-electric fan project.

iii. Melbourned and Victoria University are really curious about the non-electric fan making kit.

iv. The non-electric fan will serve as a potential for future collaboration.

v. Let's make a non-electric fan kit together.

6. IDA Boot Camp output

i. A new member was suggesting we need to think about the organization structure again.

ii. We should make a plan in Japanese.

iii. New members don't really have enough opportunity to train their skills.

iv. We should do that before everyone graduates.

v. Someone wants to change the IDA organization like collaborate with other international organizations.

vi. Sun-san mentioned that the team work has faded out.

7. Next meeting to review IDA

i. We'll use Densuke.

8. Design Study with Gakubu-sei

i. Study for illustrator, photoshop, etc.

ii. There will be a planning this week.

iii. Friday, Sun-san will announce 5:30 to 6:30. Powerpoint and advertisement design.

iv. Right now the members are from IDA.

Next General Meeting

Date: T.B.A.
Venue: I4-B08
Attendance request: All IDA members