General Assembly 2011 4

Core Meeting

Documented by Varquez, Alvin Christopher Galang


Venue:Ishikawadai4, B08
Time Started: 5:10 PM
Time Finished: 6:30 PM

  • Brief Introduction of IDA to TED
  • Schedule for Member Recruitment
  • TEDxTITech summary


Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Varquez, Alvin Christopher VP Documentations
Ando, Tsunori Promotions
Odchimar, Anita II Project Head
Kanzawa, Kei Project Head
William Hong President 2G
TEDxTITech Team Guest

1. Brief Introduction of IDA to TED

i. Operation Sunrise Project is the name for recruitment of new members.

ii. Ishio-kun has prepared the schedule of the strategy

iii. TEDxTITECH has joined. “Chuna” from Mongolia. “Kitamura”. “Ryohei Hara” Department of Human System Science, will graduate on March 26, 2012. “Tomo Ejuri” is the operator of TEDxKids at Tokyo, venture business laboratory about nuclear venture.

iv. Ishio-kun came to introduce the International Development Academy – Tokyo Institute of Technology again for our visitors. Ishio-kun should define the word best in the vision of IDA. The projects were also introduced.

v. Take went to Vietnam today until the beginning of April to analyse the situation in Vietnam.

vi. Ishiokun introduced a new project called Marshall Islands Project, SWP.

2. Schedule for New Member Recruitment

PLEASE check the files here: Recruitment Schedule

3. TEDxTITech

i. Ryohei the leader of TEDxTITech introduced their team. The main objective is to make Tokyo Tech known to society.

ii. Specialty: Diversity of Science and Technology

iii. Gathering Unique, High Quality Speakers and Performers. Spreading the TITech Tastes Ideas. Harc Core Science, Bond to Society, Entertainment of Science

iv. They meet almost every Monday.

v. April 6 will have a TEDx Change event. The concept of why developed countries should help developing countries.

vi. Ryohei alreadyhas 26 members.

vii. IDA could provide speakers and this will be an opportunity for IDA to be known around the world.

viii. Tomo-san introduced the first ever launching of TED with NHK at Ebisu. Gave the presentation in Skype and in front of us. 5-minutes presentation. There was a 14 yr old presenter.

ix. TED Talk is less than 18-minutes. The reason why it is free.

x. Any idea will do.

xi. Ishio-kun mentioned IDA is willing tocontribute.

xii. Less than 100 people is allowed as audience.

Next General Meeting

Date: T.B.A.
Venue: T.B.A.
Attendance request: All IDA members