General Assembly 2011 2

Core Meeting

Documented by Varquez, Alvin Christopher Galang


Venue:Ishikawadai4, B08
Time Started: 6:00 PM
Time Finished: 7:30 PM

  • Introduction of IDA to new members
  • Updates on the projects and the on-going activities
  • Sharing the "Vision", "Mission", and "Goal"
  • Position Determination
  • Discussion


Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Yuki, Take VP Finance
Varquez, Alvin Christopher VP Documentations
Machida, Kazu Core 2G Finance
Hong, William Core 2G President
Saraswati, Batari Core 2G Internal Affairs Head
Kawahara Project Head
Juiz (Ando) Promotions
Bruno (Haraguchi) Project Head
Purnomo, Chandra Project Head
Fukao, Shotaro Project Head
Kanzawa, Kei Project Head
Sun, Kyung Choi New Member/Project Head/Promotions
Chu New/Project Member
Francisco New/Potential Member

1. Introduction of IDA to new members (Ishio) Material

a. Ishio-kun explained the basic background, the new organization, and rules of IDA.

b. The meeting will be strict with time.

2. Updates on the projects and the on-going activities

a. Kei Kanzawa's update Material

i. Introduced the new IDA room

ii. Introduced the origin of IDA through the Mondialogo Award

iii. Kei Kanzawa’s new project is the development of non-electric products

iv. He introduced the 0 to 1 concept.

v. He also introduced a panoramic view of the projects of IDA.

vi. Non-electric products refers to products which is normally ran by electricity.

vii. The concepts are the crank mechanism and gear ratio.

viii. The future is to use light-weight materials. Then to introduce more projects such as non-electric storage.

b. Tsunenori's update

i. He introduced the workshop used in participating the challenge assist program.

ii. Showed the light hand-cranked generator

iii. Tomorrow from 12pm, a meeting will be held regarding the light hand-cranked generator.

c. Kawahara's update

i. Introduced an overseas project in Vietnam

ii. Chu-kun was introduced who started the motivation for Vietnam.

iii. Showed the vision of the project to have a decent standard of living for the people and improved participation of local stakeholders.

iv. 1st and 2nd field surveys will be conducted to identify the problems

v. A prototype will be made in the future

vi. From 16th to 18th of December a survey will be conducted.

vii. He will visit Nam Dinh, Vietnam to conduct the second survey next year. The second survey will focus in problem identification.

viii. Partnerships will be conducted by the following: Vietnam Jump, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and Alliance Forum Foundation (Financial Support may be acquired)

d. Sun's update

i. She presented about the design project.

ii. Two parts: Online, Web Design banner and front page. Offline, Door design. Between them a flyer will be made.

iii. She presented the new logo. Explained the symbols. The gears represent the individuals. The six gears represent the six continents of the world. Finally, the gears are connected to have more impact in the project.

iv. She shared the possible logos for IDA. She created to have the symbol separate from the tag name.

v. She is almost done with the front page and the banner design. She will make some changes frequently for a year.

vi. She also showed the design for the door. Also for the maps for the location of IDA office.

e. Takuro/Bruno/Gu's update Material

i. He introduced the charcoal project for Kenya.

ii. The motivation was to get rid of poverty with focus on health.

iii. How? By empowering the people to get their own income by allowing them to create their own charcoal for industry.

iv. He showed how charcoal is made. The difficult point in doing this is the binder. Casssava is used in Japan however it is expensive in Kenya. His team was to try various types of binders.

v. He showed last time that he did a workshop to investigate a better binder for IDA. He used mud before.

vi. He will return to Kenya next year March so he needs to discover it soon.

vii. Chandra gave a very good advice related to participate and the creation of tar. Francisco also suggested identifying other items with similar chemical composition. Kei-san replied that viscosity is the key.

viii. Next Monday, he will conduct a second workshop within the university.

f. Ishio's update

i. He introduced the Halal project.

ii. First was the issue on the name of company. The company’s name became Halal “Maru” Co., ltd.

iii. He showed the background of the project. He introduced Reza through a story and his problems experienced in Japan. The basic problem is in the supply of halal.

iv. The mission and vision of the project.The mission is to meet the needs of increasing number of Muslims in Japan. The vision is to see a future when Japanese and Muslims can eat together with the same food.

v. The business model is still a secret but it is patterned after navi model. Reza is currently creating a program to start the model.

vi. The leader introduced a saying, “Stay Halal, Stay Healthy”

g. William's update Material

i. He gave an update about the Nepal Project.

ii. The prototype was substantially accomplished.

iii. The original goal was to help the farmers store the potatoes during the dry periods.

iv. Machida-san delivered in the Tripuvhan University. It is currently being improved.

v. Chandra was recognized as the guy behind the project.

vi. He emphasize on the importance of an exit strategy.

vii. The exit strategy is to have an international collaboration through the ICT project. Monthly meetings are being conducted to have a technology package using the remaining fund. The remaining budget for a year is 200,000 yen.

h. Batari's update

i. She introduced the planned academic paper to highlight the experiences of IDA.

ii. The tile: Student-led international social development project: Challenges and The Road For Better Implementation.

iii. The essential parts are the background, history of IDA, Project and the approaches, Problem identification, and Framework proposal.

iv. The next meeting will be held on December 14th, 2011. We are currently looking for references at the moment.

v. The target for accomplishment will be next year.

vi. Francisco is knowledgeable about Public Private Partnership. His contributions may be vital.

C. Sharing the "Vision", "Mission", and "Goal"

keywords list

a. Ishio-kun mentioned said he loves the slogan, “Engineering passion for social development.”

b. Corrections are to be made since gramatically it's not good according to Machida-san which William confirmed.

c. Machida's alternative plan(1) Engineering with passion for social development

d. Machida's alternative plan(2) Engineering spirit for social development

e. Chandra's alternative plan(3) Engineers with passion [Passionate Engineers] for social development

f. William- no problem about the current one although some contextual nuances remained unclear →ask Ben?

D. Position Determination

a. He introduced the constitution of IDA. All members must somehow be involved in a project.

b. Feel the responsibility to advertise the projects.

c. There is someone who is not around task for a symposium. Report of our projects and some guests. Targets are local people, media, and new comers. The target month will be April.

d. He gave one week for Francisco to decide whether he will join IDA or not. If he will join, he will welcome openly. If he won’t join, he requests to invite his friends to IDA. Francisco wants to know more update for each project. If he wants to know the details, he can access the website or the ida wiki. The website will be used to summarize the project. The wiki will have a more detailed information of the project.

E. Discussion

a. Ishio-kun mentioned we have lots of communication tools.

b. Machida-san will give a brief explanation of the communication tools.

Click images below to view.



Original mindmaps of freemind (mm.) are here Existing Tools and Integrated Tools in Future?

c. The external tools is the website. From the website the links are shown. The website will only be edited in Japanese.

d. The blogs have become inactive.

e. Social networking sites are being used extensively.

f. The previously mentioned are external tools for promotion.

g. The internal tools are used for coordinating with everyone. The idaacademy mailing list combined the Japanese and English mailing lists.

h. Machida-san suggested to integrate the minor ones and use the big tools.

i. Ishio-kun suggested the use of internal tools. For internal use he wants to use the idaacademy google groups. Then each projects has to report the minutes to the wikis.

j. For external, we will only use webpage, wiki, and facebook.

Topics untouched although mentioned along the duration of the meeting

a. New Room (Name, Purpose, cleaning, management of the key etc.)

b. Calendar of Activities

c. Frequency of general meeting, weekly dinner?, Symposium, Orientation for newcomers next April

d. Welcome ceremony/party

Next General Meeting

Date: T.B.A.
Venue: T.B.A.
Attendance request: T.B.A.