General Assembly 2011-1

Minutes of General Assemply 11th May 2011, (updated by Kazu, 20:46, 12 May, 2011)


Date: 17:00~18:30, 11 May 2011
Venue: Ishikawadai4, B08

  • Prof.Abe
  • 9 Int'l Member (William, Kazu, Alvin, Ben, Chandra, Raffles, Mutaz, Hanabi)
  • 7 Japanese cluster members (Ishio, Kawahara, Takehisa, Ando, Fukao, Zhao, Gao)
  • 7 Newcomers (Thomas, Anita, Marco, Niioka Takaya, Zhang Xiangjie, ?)
Name Department Grade Email
Thomas Geissmann Abelab, IDE M2(exchange Student) ?
Odchimar, Anita II Alvarez IDE ? moc.oohay|ramihcdona#moc.oohay|ramihcdona
Pellegrini Marco Nuclear Engineering ?||aa.m.inirgellep
Niioka Takaya Engineering(4類) B1||aa.t.akoiin
Zhang Xiangjie ? ?||ia.x.gnahz
? ? ? ?


  • Overview of IDA (William)
  • Name Card Bingo (Alvin)
  • Calendar of Activities (Kazu)
  • Budget Plan & Updates from Japanese Cluster (Kazu)


  • Non-electrical appliances (非電化製品)workshop for children
  • Mission Statement can be bettered by putting more importance on social development. Too close to STeLA? (Ben)
  • It is good way to share the list of potential contests online and voting for interested ones in order to seek and judge the feasibility of which to apply and start new project(??←Kazu, Ben)
  • Potential collaboration with professor in Italy (Marco)


  • 14th May (Saturday), Workshop for Prototype and BBQ (BBQ can be postponed depending on availability of members)