Garage Rules

The Rules for IDA room

Put into effect on August 11, 2011
*Japanese version is Here.

1. Fundamental Rules

  • Please practice good judgment in using the room(B01, Ishikawadai 4th Bldg).
  • If there is any problem, please inform the advisor immediately.
  • Safety management should be considered at all times. Refer to the “Health and Safety Advisory” issued by the Safety Management Center.

2. Anticrime Rules

I. Lockup
i. When you leave the room, please make sure that the door and the windows are locked.
II. Custody of the room key
i. Room users need to inform the key-keeper before hand when obtaining the key and using the room. The key can be obtained from the key-keeper`s desk; the key can be taken only after informing the key-keeper.
ii. While working in the room, please hang the key on the designated hook located at the right side of the door.
iii. After using the room, the key should be returned to its designated place. (The key should also be returned there whenever there are no people in the room, even if you are in the process of working.)
iv. Do not duplicate the key.

3. General Rules for Using the Room

I. You are allowed to use the room only for doing work relevant to IDA.
II. When you intend to work in the corridor or in B08, make a confirmation in advance.
III. Working hours is from 9 am to 8 pm, except in special cases.
IV. Do not stay overnight in the room.
V. Do not make excessive noise in the room.
VI. The use of fire source (lighter, for example) is prohibited (when using flammables in particular).
VII. When you eat and drink in room, please do not leave your trash.
VIII. Do not scratch the wall, floor or desk when using equipment.
IX. Shut off the water supply at the main valve when not in use.
X. Do not smoke in the room.
XI. When you leave the room, please turn off the air conditioner.

4. Safety Management

I. Working Situation
i. When working with industrial tools, please wear unrestrictive and protective clothes and shoes.
ii. When using an electric drill or saw, please wear goggles and place a setting board.
iii. Do not put anything on top of the equipment for fall prevention as much as possible.
iv. Unplug the equipment after use.
v. Do not touch electrical equipment with wet hands.
vi. In principle, you can use only bug killers, adhesion bonds and colorants. Do not use any other chemicals.
vii. When using chemicals, open the window and secure ventilation.
II. Daily Considerations
i. Ground the equipment when needed.
ii. Avoid tangled electric codes.
iii. Do not put codes on aisles.
iv. Place electrical instrument away from the sink to prevent leakage.
v. For high racks, install safety against overturning.
vi. Exercise caution in placing things on high places.

5. Cleaning

I. After working, clean the room(put things in order→ wipe the desk→ vacuum the floor).
II. Make sure there are no nails or screws on the floor.
III. Separate the trash into combustible, incombustible, cans and bins and PET bottles. Take them out on the assigned pickup day.

6. Goods Management

I. All the belongings of IDA are managed by a management card. Return them to the designated place after use.
II. Make sure there are no lost items through the management card.
III. Fill in a note when taking out an item. Sign it in when the item has got back.
IV. If you buy a new item, add it to the management card.
V. Do not borrow items that belong to the laboratories of the member.

7. Injury or Breakage

I. If you get injured (even it is not serious), inform the advisor of the incident.
II. If you get injured, patch it up. See a doctor immediately.
III. Inform the advisor of the diagnostic outcome.
IV. If an electrical accident happens, immediately unplug the appliance. If the victim has difficulty in breathing, give artificial respiration and call an ambulance.
V. If you break an item that does not belong to IDA, inform the advisor and fix it.

8. Fire

I. In principle, do not make fire.
II. In case of fire, inform people around you with a loud voice.
III. Extinguish the fire as the situation allows(if the fire does not reach the ceiling).
IV. If you cannot deal with the fire by yourself, evacuate to a safer place.(Close the door and lock the windows if possible.)
V. Afterwards, report the incident to the fire department and guard gate(Fire Department: 119, Guard Gate: 3119)

9. Earthquakes

I. Consider earthquake safety when managing IDA property.
II. If an earthquake warning is given, unplug all electrical appliances.
III. Consider safety first.
IV. Afterwards, move to the evacuation area in Ishikawadai and inform the advisor of your safe condition for confirmation.


Current Personnel (as of 11 August 2011)
Adviser: Prof. Naoya Abe (Lab: 03-5734-3797; Mobile: 090-9853-5045)
Key-keeper: Jun-Ichiro Ishio (Mobile: 090-8973-6052)

Other Important Contacts Information
■For emergency call
Main Entrance/Gate Keeper: 3119 (03-5734-3118)
General Safety Management Center: 3407 (03-5734-3407)

■For getting feedback and advise for daily safety management
Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Technology Unit)
Administration Office of Safety (S1-208)
       TEL/FAX 03-5734-3317
Personnel:Mr. Sato, Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Funabashi