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Interesting organizations/institutions/projects will be introduced here. Potential contests must be posted to other category.
12by William HongWilliam Hong
06 Dec 2011 13:30Jump!
Potential contests of international development, social entrepreneurship etc. will be introduced here.
Let's share ideas about organizational improvement.
11by JishioJishio
09 Dec 2011 06:21Jump!
Share ideas on how to make our recruiting activities for new members can be more effective. Also let's think of how we can offer good orientation for new comers so they can become member smoothly.
12by kazutoshi_machidakazutoshi_machida
08 Dec 2011 04:00Jump!
Project Discussion
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We developed non-electric fan and LEGO hand light. We want to develop appropriate technologies to the world so we don't dwell on non-electric products. However We tried to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past to create new products. Discussion on the topic will be posted in this category.
Workshop for local primary school students and their parents: This project is related to non-electric products. We held non-electric fan and LEGO hand light making workshops to primary school students last summer. Now we are trying to hold this workshop in other places. Discussion on the topic will be posted in this category.
Takutro Haraguchi is the leader of this project. He refines MIT D-lab's product. And he and the project members are planning to introduce refined charcoal to Kenya by the beginning of March.
Yuki Takehisa is the leader of this project. He and intense members are planning to go to Vietnam to do need assessment. They will do the project like Paul Polak.
Yuki Kawahara, Sun Choi, and Shotaro Fukao are leading the project. They are refining the design of IDA web site, logo, and the door on our room.
12by kazutoshi_machidakazutoshi_machida
08 Dec 2011 04:18Jump!
Ishio, Fukao, Kato and my some friends from Indonesia are going to found a company which produces halal information and halal meat to Muslim people in Japan. This company will be Halal gurunavi(
11by William HongWilliam Hong
06 Dec 2011 13:31Jump!

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