Core 2011 4

IDA Core Meeting Minutes

Prepared by: Alvin Christopher Galang Varquez, VP Documentations


Venue: Second Cafeteria, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Date: November 29, 2011
Time Started: 7:00 PM Time Finished: 8:15 PM
A. IDA new logo and Website c/o Sun
B. Brief Reminders


Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Takehisa, Yuki VP Finance
Varquez, Alvin Christopher Projet Management/Website Manager/IDA Promotion
Sun, Kyung Choi VP Documentations
Fukao, Shotaro Project Management/Website Manager
Ando, Tsunenori Project Management/Website Design
Kanzawa, Kei VP Documentations
Kawahara, Yuki Project Management/Website Design

A. IDA new logo and Website

a. Sun-san and Kawahara-san designed three possible logos for the International Development Academy
b. Sun-san also showed the proposed front page of the website
c. All of the members who participated in the meeting decided the third logo showing a more interactive “IDA” symbol
d. Ishio-kun suggested replacing the colors with earth colors. The symbol for passion is still desired however not very urgent.
e. It was suggested also to add rings connecting the letters, “IDA”.
f. With regards to the front page, everyone agreed it was well designed. The third proposal was agreed upon by everyone.
g. About the website, an announcement about the schedule for December 7’s general meeting will be posted.
h. In the future, the way of logging in google groups will be done through the website to allow members to balance their time with the website and the groups. The website will serve as quick announcement (or as promotion for visitors) while the google groups contain more serious IDA-related matters.

B. Announcement

a. December 7 will be set as general meeting. Announcements will be released within this week. Announcements will be through twitter, facebook, and website.
b. To allow sustainability of the organization and to loosen up the burdens of the project heads, it was advised to invite more assistance through social networks. In this manner, new members (or followers of the organization ) will have the opportunity to help. This is recommended when the “going gets tough”.
c. A brief English description will be incorporated to @idatokyotech ‘s description to invite attention of international organization and students.