Core 2011 3

Core Meeting

Documented by Varquez, Alvin Christopher Galang


Venue:Asian Restaurant, Ookayama
Time Started: 7:30 PM
Time Finished: 8:30 PM

  • Dr. Hanaoka's IDA Vision
  • Website
  • Members
  • Activities
  • Assistants


Name Position
Ishio, Junichiro President
Yuki, Take VP Finance
Varquez, Alvin Christopher VP Documentations

A. Dr. Hanaoka's Vision

a. IDA could serve as a stepping stone for the creation of a future department.

b. Still this is a long way for IDA.

B. Website

a. Currently being improved by Sun-san and Fukao-san.

b. Expected updates will be seen in two weeks.

C. Activities

a. Soon, a general idea, road map, will be submitted by Pres. Ishio to the core officers.

b. Another meeting will be scheduled before the IDA member’s meeting as preparation.

c. All members will meet to decide on future activities for IDA. Schedule will be given soon.

d. Not just projects but minor development activities such as seminars, etc.

D. Projects

a. Currently on-going.

b. Still deciding on how we can assist in Moinul’s proposal (check IDA groups in facebook).

E. Assistant Officers

a. The core officers need to assign other officers as mandated in the structure.

b. Schedule of screening will be decided soon.

Next Meeting

Date: 23rd of November 2011, 6PM
Venue: Mominoki
Attendance request: IDA Core Officers and Website Managers