Core 2011 1

Core Meeting Minutes

documented by Kazu


Date: September 2, 2011 (Friday)
Time: 13:15-14:00
Participants: William, Kazu, Ishio
1) Mondialogo (Nepal Visit of Kazu)
2) Improvement of IDA HP
3) Name of our organization
4) Organizational change
5) The presidential election


1) Mondialogo (Nepal Visit of Kazu)

  • Prototype has successfully installed in the campus
  • Need to replace the heater from Japanese one (110V) to local one (220V)
  • Cooling capacity needs to be improved (currently just 1degree)
  • Need to reduce the cost of the system greatly to within 90,000NRs (≒90,000JPY) - can we use desicant type dryer for clothes? like this
  • Others (not discussed in the meeting yet)

- Measurement tools have to be send back to Japan
- Travel Cost for Kazu (Kazu withdrew 50,000 for his travel and is going to pay back, if needed)

2) Improvement of IDA HP

  • Ishio: want to rebuild IDA HP using Homepage Builder (JUST systems)
  • William: Google Site is the best according to the experience of Rural
  • Try to make new one and if it go well, transfer the server domain and hosting to the newer one

3) Name of our organization

  • Ishio: want to change the name of our organiation
  • William: How about "International Development Academy - Tokyo Tech"
  • Need to avoid duplication to other organization

4) Organizational Change

  • Separation of Japanese (language) cluster from Intl team worked well
  • Rename "Japanese cluster" to "local team" so that our model can fit to the one in other universities abroad as well (Tribhuvan uni in Nepal or NUS for example, where Kato kun is doing his exchange program)
  • Coordination between the teams and getting undergrad students are the further challenges

5) The presidential election

  • We will hold first presidential election on October at the second general meeting this year, following the constitution
  • Eligibility of candidacy should be considered (only intl student could run for it if we were to stick to one of the objectives of IDA as an official club of Tokyo Tech: provide a club for intl students to join comfortably)

Contents above will be the main agenda for next general meeting. We need to prepare for it.