This wiki is part of the Database Development Project proposed by Kazu

What Kazu is trying to do? (Updated on 14th May 2011)

  1. Integrate the mailing list of IDA (ictchannel, idatokyotech, ida-tokyo-tech-jpn)
  2. Construct easy-to-edit database for internal use (this wiki) in order to offer current members & newcomers full access to our materials
    • Minutes of Meeting
    • Organizational Structure Done!
    • Organizational HistoryDone!
    • Member Profile Done!
    • Constitution Done!
    • Financial Record
    • Recruits (Job/Task/Expertise list to be resourced)
    • Potential Contests List Done!
    • IDA Library (Shared Books) Done!
    • Relevant Links Done!
  3. Use the databese for making IDA official HP better
  4. Make manuals for transfer the operational knowledge & experience to younger members (FAQ, Administration, Did you know?, IDA Quiz)

If you can help Kazu to development of this database, please contact me (gro.lennahctci|adihcam.ihsotuzak#gro.lennahctci|adihcam.ihsotuzak).

  • Can provide old documents to be stored in this wiki (yet uploaded in Google Apps)
  • Can help the conversion of old documents into wiki.dot format
  • Have ideas to be included in wiki or IDA official website